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Doctor Who gives us a possible future where clothes are unnecessary!

28 Dec

I hope you all had a good Christmas and, if being nude for the holidays was important to you, I hope you had the chance to be.

My girlfriend and I have previously had a holiday tradition of “Naked Christmas” – it would take place before actual Christmas, we’d exchange gifts, eat Christmas food, all without clothes.  This was because due to family commitments we would never be together on Christmas day, so we’d pick a day a few days before to do things our own way, just the two of us, and clothes free.

However this year there was no Naked Christmas, as we had arranged to be together, with family, on Christmas day.  So this year we got our Christmas day together, albeit clothed and in the company of her family.

One tradition we were able to keep up this year was watching the Christmas day episode of Doctor Who on BBC One.  This year we were able to share a knowing grin at some of the scenes in the episode, which showed that Matt Smith’s Doctor, like us, rather liked not having any clothes on.

In the story, the Doctor and his companion Clara needed to go and pay a visit to the Church of the Papal Mainframe, a far-future religion who appeared to require visitors to their temple to be nude.  To spare their blushes (and keep the show safe for prime-time), the Doctor made use of a device which, when swallowed, would project a holographic field, causing the person to appear to others to have clothes on – as well as keeping them warm.  Clara didn’t really take to going to church with no clothes on, but the Doctor of course found it very liberating!

All of which was very funny, especially for me and my girlfriend watching with her family (who don’t know that we are naturists).

But it also raised an inriguing possibility for the future.

Maybe one day such holographic devices will exist, and those of us who don’t want to wear clothes won’t ever have to?

Most people I know who are naturists enjoy it mostly because they like the feeling of not having clothes on.  Letting other people know you are naked isn’t that important, it’s all about just enjoying your own personal freedom.  If you could be naked, but not look naked to others, that might be all you really need.

Of course, there would probably be some jokers who would hack women’s hologram projectors, causing them to switch off – then post pictures of the results on whatever we have then instead of the internet…

Even if someone did invent such a device, there would probably still be naturists… there is a particular enjoyment and social bond gained from socialising naked which I don’t think anyone would want to give up.  But the naturist clubs of the future would just be places where you could switch your hologram projector off for a while and enjoy the company of other “switch-offers”!

It’s certainly an entertaining possibility, although I think we’re a long way from having that sort of technology in the real world.


Rants of a mad naked woman: ‘But you will get bored if you see it all the time…

5 Sep

Another excellent and thoughtful blog piece from Becky Stanworth. You can read her whole blog at:
Check it out!

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Rants of a mad naked woman: ‘But you will get bored if you see it all the time…: Ok, so my girlfriend recently told someone she works with about me being a naturist and her recent forays into the world of casual nudity.  …

‘But arent you so used to seeing her naked that you are not sexually attracted to her anymore? Surely it must kill your sex life?’

Now, this is just a very strange comment to me. In fact it is quite the opposite of other ignorant opinions that I have come across that think all naturists are swingers and sex crazed maniacs!

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Hey, Creepy Guy

24 Aug

This excellent piece is something very relevant to many of the things I blog about. While female public topfreedom and naturism aren’t always the same thing, the behaviour of some males towards topless women is not unlike the way some men act towards women taking part in events like the World Naked Bike Ride, and also has similarities to the way female naturists sometimes get treated by males on the Internet. Well worth a read!


Streak For Tigers at London Zoo

15 Aug


Today is the Streak For Tigers event at London Zoo.

It’s a great idea that mixes enjoyment of nudity with raising money for animal welfare.

Basically, participants are sponsored to get naked, get painted up like tigers and run through London Zoo, with all the money raised going to help preserve Sumatran tigers in the wild.

You can find out more at:

Two of our friends, Shaun and Becky, are taking part and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing them the best of luck and safe streaking!


Get Naked Get Awesome on Twitter

12 Aug

Get Naked Get Awesome on Twitter


All genuine naturist followers welcome (and any curious newbies too!)

Another Blog About Naturism

10 Aug

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

This is a blog about naturism, which some of you might prefer to call nudism, FKK, clothing-optional living, or clothes-free recreation.  Basically, doing stuff naked.

No, not that stuff.  Naturism is about casual and social nudity, which naturists believe it is possible to seperate from sexual nudity.  Naked for the simple enjoyment of being naked.

I’ve been a naturist for three years now, and I’ve been blogging about naturism for about a year.  You can find my original blog over on Tumblr.  But for a while now I’ve been unsatisfied with Tumblr as a blogging medium, and unhappy with the audience my blog has got there.

I’ve therefore decided to begin moving the blog over to WordPress, which my girlfriend uses for her cooking/recipe blog already. 

I hope you will all bear (or “bare”… sorry) with me while I move some of my old articles to this blog – I promise you I will also begin posting new, updated and revised content before too long!